about a dose of nature.

The Project began in 2014, and was created by Dr Dan Bloomfield at the University of Exeter.  Dan works in knowledge exchange - meaning that he brings research and academia together with businesses, charities and others who can use the results of research - as well as an ecologist, psychotherapist and linguist.  


The aim is to find ways in which nature can be more actively used to help people with chronic health problems, and how the UK health system can be involved in making that happen. A lot of the focus has been on depression and anxiety, but not exclusively. One of the main findings of A Dose of Nature has been that a referral to a group that regularly goes out into nature can benefit all sorts of people, with many health, wellbeing or social problems.

So far the work has been funded by the Natural Environmetnal Research Council and the Valuing Nature Programme, with the generous support of Cornwall Council.  Many orgnaisations have been involved in delivering the referral projects, as well as the working groups, the wider network , and the other resources that can be found on this site.