There are very many projects, practitioners, researchers and organisations who are involved in nature-based interventions for human health and wellbeing, in one way or another.  A key element of A Dose fo Nature is to spread learning throughout this network, involvinging as it does representatives from different sectors.  Below are links to our partners and friends, with perhaps a bit of an emphasis on those in the south west of England.  If you want be listed here too, just let us know. Just to be absolutely clear; being listed here does not imply endorsement in either direction, merely a desire to share, learn and connect. 

Protects and promotes wildlife in the area of the former county of Avon, and runs diverse projects on health, wellbeing and reconnecting communities to nature.

An insightful and comprehensive literature review project from Deakins University, commissioned as part of Beyond Blue, the Australian oprganisaiton that seeks to help citizens improve thier mental health.

A blog detailing the research of the ECEHH (see below) that links ecological, socioeconomic and health data to deepen our understanding of the nature:health relationship.

A 12 week nature prescription project in Scotland, operating as a partnreship between NHS commisioners and the Forestry Commission.

This health centre in East London is pioneering the commissioning of social prescription services, including a number of garden, park and outdoor schemes.

A social enterprise using the natural world for fun, health, well-being and learning. Carried out Dose of Nature projects in St Austell and Hayle / St Ives.

Provides a voice and coordinating service for care farmers, who provide health and care services in farm settings.

Non-profit that works on the research and practrice of mainstreaming sustainability in clinical areas, and also helps staff and patients to reconnect to nature, for example via the NHS Forest.

The Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a designated landscape spread around the county; its plan for the future includes the delivery of health and wellbeing outcomes.

Provides a range of mental health and physical health NHS services to children and adults in Cornwall.  

Cornwall's Health and Wellbeing Board works to improve health and wellbeing, help identify and meet needs across Cornwall, and work together to tackle health inequalities.

 A broad partnership of those who are working to maintain the special and unique environment of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  Has written the County's Environmental Growth Strategy.

The county's Wildlife Trust has run various projects relating to health and wellbeing on its wide and varied network of reserves.

Rooted in community engagement and targeting inactivity, Dartmoor National Park Authority's project has been working with Dose of Nature on developing its overall approach.

DWT are involved in using its reserves, voluntteres and resources to help improve the health and wellbeing of Devon residents, and has been working with Dose of Nature on developing a project in Exeter.

A network that is all about putting ecosystems at the heart of decison making.  Trains and supports local people in making the connection between environment, including around health and wellbeing. 

A network of ecopsychologists who, from different perspectives, seek to use the natural envionment as a means of achieving therapeutic benefits with their clients.

An independent provider of ecotherapy, based in Cornwall.  Has delivered two Dose of Nature programmes in the Roseland area.

A £30 million interdisciplinary centre leading cutting-edge research into solutions to problems of environmental change, and thereby enhancing people's lives by improving their relationships with the environment.

The network for Europe's natural and cultural protected areas.  Many members are working on projects relating to human health; this link takes you to thatpage where you can download case studies.

An interdsicplinary research centre, based in Cornwall and part of the University of Exeter's Medical School, focusing on the complex links and interactions between human health and the environment.

Exmoor's project aims to increase the confidence of visitors and residents, as well as deliver a nature prescription scheme alongside a local surgery to improve the wellbeing of patients suffering low mood.

This Bristol-based charity safeguards, improves and maximises the benefits that flow from trees and woodlands.  They have a focus on health and wellbeing, and have delivered A Dose of Nature in Bristol.

Owns and manages land in Devon and Cornwall using an approach rooted in community engagement and biodiversity enhancement. Helped deliver A Dose of Nature at their Treraven Farm, near Wadebridge.  

Provides individual and group support through our Nature-based Mindfulness classes, our RENEW project and therapeutic activities for women experiencing mental health issues and/or problematic hormonal conditions.

A mental health charity, organic farm and training centre in Cumbria.  Has led the way with green and nature-based interventions in practice.

Supports and encourages good health promotion practices in Cornwall, and runs the Public Health Information Line, a self-referral portal that helps people find the help that they need.

Intelligent Health, the brainchild of Dr William Bird, is all about helping communities become more physically active. Runs the 'Beat the Street' programme, using a simple game to get people up and moving.

A £1.3m partnership, funded by NERC and led by Sheffield university, that will look at how Sheffield's parks and green spaces affect the health and wellbeing of the city's residents.

A social prescribing service with a strong nature-based element.  NHS West Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group has funded a partnership of voluntary organisations to deliver it in conjunction with 38 GP surgeries.

Funded by Big Lottery money, a three year project to reduce health inequalities through the power of nature.

Mind is a mental health charity, supporting and empowering anyone experiencing a mental health problem.  Ecominds was a project that ran between 2009-13, where 130 ecotherapy projects were funded.  

Morita Therapy teaches that symptoms of anxiety and depression are part of the natural ecology of human experience; the 9th congress will be hosted by the University of Exeter Medical School in September 2016.

A suite of activities based in nature that can be made available through referral or health check, or self-referral, in the Weymouth and Portland area.  Delivered by a range of environmetnla partners.

Funded by Defra, Natural England and National Heritage, this project ran from 2012-16 and was manged by Plymouth Univesrity.  It worked with 200+ schools to help children learn in natural outdoors settings.

The government’s adviser for the natural environment in England, protecting England’s nature and landscapes for people to enjoy and for the services they provide. The link here is to their reports on health.

The Natural Environment Research Council is the UK's largest funder of independent environmental science, training and innovation, delivered through universities and research centres.

Devon's Local Nature Partnership has 8 themes, one of them about helping everyone in Devon be active in natural settings.  They run a programme of activities, inlcuding the annual Natural Healthy month. 

A social enterprise using the natural world for fun, health, well-being and learning. Carried out Dose of Nature projects in St Austell and Hayle / St Ives.

The Clinical Commnissioning Group for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  Buys health services for the whole population, and works with partnerss to deliver a £700m annual budget.

One of the inspirations for A Doseof Nature was this set of Walking for Health routes, developed alongside the local LNP and the wildlife trust.

A broadand deep community of practice across the USA for all thouse involved in commissioning, running and improving park prescription schemes, at all levels of government. 

A small woodland and community garden in west Cornwall, with a particualr focus on helping enhance cummunity healthand wellbeing. Was involved in the St Ives Dose of Nature project.

An established social prescribing project, funded by the local CCG and with a strong element of nature-based interventions for mental health.  The evaluation report was influential in setting up Dose of Nature.

One of the nation's largest environmental organisations, the RSPB are very involved in nature-based interventions for health, for example in Dorset, and Dose of Nature are working with them on future plans.

The GP practice serving the people of St Austell.  Helped deliver A Dose fo Nature in the town, and is also a natioanl pilot for social prescription work to help align primary and social care, including in nature.

A truly innovative and uniqie organisation, the only charity in Europe delivering marine-based, sail-focused services to tackle depression and anxiety.  Based in Penryn, Cornwall.

A community support centre in Bristol that, alongside the local GP surgery, works as a social prescribing and healthy living centre.  Helped deliver A Dose of Nature in Bristol.

A really broad partnership to support and promote a range of often arts-based initiatives in the Torbay area. A major focus is on the emotional health of men, in partnreship with public health services.   

A £6.5m. 5 year research programme to better understand and represent the complexities of the natural environment in valuation analyses, including benefits to health.  Helped fund some Dose of Nature outputs. 

The largest network of health walks, with over 400 active schemes.  Run by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support.  

A new enterprise based in Exeter, with the aim of helping people rediscover thier confidence through the practice of walking in nature.  

Social prescribing service in Newcastle that focuses on people affected by long term health conditions.  3,500 pateints per year will benefit from services that include outdoor-based appraoches to tackling inactivity.

The LNP covering Bath & NE Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire aims to support both public health and economic development. Runs many events around one of its four themes, health. 

Together, the county wildldife trusts carry forwards many projects looking at human health and wellbeing, and this page summarise them all in one place.