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It was a fantastic experience to get up to MediaCity in Salford this week and take the chance to discuss 'green' prescriptions, nature prescriptions and the health dimension of the work in general. It was done in quite a rush and at short notice, but the team at BBC Breakfast were fantastic and enormously helpful. The studio was a lot darker and smaller than you'd think! Anyway, colleagues in University of Exeter media relations had also arranged a set of radio interviews with BBC stations, and we covered Newcastle, Teeside, Birmingham, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Stoke, Hereford and Worcester, Norfolk and Devon. The one thing that that I managed to to repeat on the radio, that I didn't get a chance to emphasis on TV, was that this work is financed by NERC, through a Knowledge Exchange Fellowship. It's environmental science, in other words, that is supporting this and driving it forwards. The health sector partners are enthusiastic, but basically following a lead being taken by the other side of the equation.

The whole focus of the show's Wild Britain theme seems to be on people, what they can derive from nature/wilderness and what those links and ties are, from food to health, art to history. I'm really glad that the work of can be incorporated in that. There are some key next stages in the work, including some writing, some working groups, and some funding bids. Anyone willing and able to help with these will be warmly welcomed!

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