Pony-powered nature for all

Here's a truly marvellous thing; pony-assisted access to natural, wild spaces for wheelchair users.

The picture above is taken from a blog, Ordinary Hopes, which is about the challenges faced by one ten year old boy, Adam, when it comes to doing the things, and going to the places, that every ten year old boy wants. The beach, for example.

The writer of that blog, Rachel George, got in touch with A Dose of Nature after she read the recent article in the i. It's very moving to read about all the positives she and Adam experienced when they went out on Perranporth beach with Simon Mullholland at Pony Axe S: you can read more here about the fantastic work they do to ensure that wheelchair users don't just access the countryside, but engage with it, via the fantastic medium of a pony and some reins. It's a relatively simple thing, going to the beach, in one sense. As Rachel's blog makes clear, it's anything but simple for many people. I can't help but think that this is the kind of enterprise deserving of some major support. Obviously, the ponies and the kit require transport to get around, too, so it can't be cost-free; but if it were more widely available I can imagine that those with personal care budgets to spend might well prioritise a day out somewhere wild, looking at nature between the ears of a pony.

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